WE JUST GOT WORD: “Trump’s second court nominee would nuke campaign finance laws”

Original email from End Citizens United 5/6/2017.

WE JUST GOT WORD: “Trump’s second court nominee would nuke campaign finance laws”


Charlene — we were crushed when Republicans blew up centuries-old Senate rules and confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

But Donald Trump just DOUBLED DOWN:

We can’t let Trump keep appointing judges who will eviscerate our campaign finance laws and ruin everything we’ve worked for.

If you still care about stopping Trump, sign your name right now to BLOCK Donald Trump’s awful court nominee:


Thanks to the End Citizens United movement, we had the votes to STOP Neil Gorsuch from being confirmed.

But Mitch McConnell changed the Senate rules to ram through Trump’s nominee.

So Charlene, if we’re going to stop Trump’s next nominee, we need to fight harder than we ever have.

Please sign your name immediately to join our effort:


More to come,


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End Citizens United PAC
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