Why I support Hillary Clinton for President

Posted by Charlene Delaney

It has been said that “Women don’t like Hillary.” Might I posit that some could be suffering from simple jealousy? I know that throughout my real estate and speaking career (which began in 1972), whenever I achieved something that had never been done before BY A WOMAN, the female reaction was always mixed. Some were truly sincere in their congratulations, and others were somehow a little bit pissed.  “Who does she think she is?” has been said about me many times.

Who I am is a woman who never felt less capable or less qualified for a position JUST BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN.  I am also a MOTHER of two daughters who had to juggle my work and mothering role many times.

As for men who resent Hillary because she is a woman, I think many women in the work force have encountered men with an entitlement mentality due to their sex.   Let’s face it, there are few PEOPLE (male or female) who have the record of public service and the simple smarts that Hillary has!


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