Lessons Learned from Robin Williams

With the Holiday Season approaching, I wanted to share the attached video. It’s only one minute long, so as hectic and hurried as our lives can be, I hope you will find that one extra minute and click on the link.

Living here in San Francisco, I find so many things to be grateful for. One of them was to see Robin Williams around town from time to time. My husband Timothy and I had a bar on Chestnut Street in the Marina District for some years, and Robin was on the street pretty often. He was a delightful guy, as many know. He wasn’t all that impressed with his celebrity status, and would engage with people like a regular guy.

His sad passing has directed a lot of attention to people suffering deep and profound depression. It literally can be anyone around you, and you may not know. It is truly a “silent killer”. If we can take anything from his death, it might be the knowledge that each and every interaction we have with others could be a make or break situation for them.

It is my profound wish that in the midst of our Thanksgiving for our families, friends and blessings, that we remember that anyone we interact with may just really need that little extra bit of kindness and consideration, and dare I say it, Love?

Blessings upon you and yours in this holiday season, and all through the year!


One thought on “Lessons Learned from Robin Williams

  1. I received this email from a fellow KW Realtor shortly after I sent the Robin Williams video:

    “Thank you, Charlene. You did not know it, but I lost my 22 year old daughter to depression, just a few weeks prior to Robin Williams death. This is going to be my first Holiday season with out her and your kind message meant a lot to me. Just wanted to say… thank you!”


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